Reiki Master- Gemstone Grace

$ 135.00

Reiki Master- Epidote in Prehnite beads, Healers Gold pendant, Vermeil Toggle clasp, G.F. findings. Epidote in Prehnite. Among minerals, Prehnites' vibration most closely resonates and resembles the energy of Reiki, amplifying energy, shielding, empowering, and enhancing Divine guidance and inner knowing. It is thought to help one remain “present” and promote creative visualization. Epidote is considered an energy amplifier. It is said to be particularly grounding for the physical body, especially for healers and bodyworkers. It is thought to bring a lightness to one’s four body system (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, freeing one to pursue one’s goals with enthusiasm. Healers Gold is the trade name for a mineral combination of magnetite and pyrite. It is very grounding, grounding us to the energetic field of Mother Earth, while allowing us to draw on this energy for power, stamina, and vitality. Because of this groundedness, it is thought to assist one in channeling energy, rather than giving away one’s own chi, or prana, as well as manifesting more chi for ourselves, rather than spewing energy indiscriminately. Through the Law of Resonance, it can help to repel discordant, disharmonious, or negative energy. This necklace is lovingly made and Reiki charged. 

19” Long.  ESGGJ043

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