Red Spinel in Marble~CRRSPM04

$ 20.00

Red Spinel in Marble- Viet Nam~CRRSPM04. Red Spinel encourages one to “Let go and let God” (as you understand God). It is an anti-stress ally, helping Type-A personalities and workaholics calm down, release resistance, let go of worry, and shift into a lower gear. It embodies the message of “slow down and take time to smell the roses”; to ejoy the true abundance of life. It is said to be a strong ally for those who “use control to feel safe”. It is considered a stone for renewal, providing encouragement for self-improvement. It is said to be a powerful healer of fear states, panic, and anxiety. Marble is said to assist one in reaching peak states of meditation, and provide clarity and suspension in states of meditation, including tantric activities. It is said to help actuate “unused” portions of the mind, providing for the strength of self-control, the mastery of thought, and the power of serenity. 46mm x 41mm x 23mm

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