"Red Malachite" Sphere~CRRMAS02

$ 18.00

"Red Malachite" Sphere~CRRMAS02. "Red Malachite" is actually a banded red jasper whose bands resemble malachite. It is from Mexico and was named by Melody in “Love is in the Earth”. It is a "stone of the New Age, a "stone of reminding"- dates, times, etc., as well as reminding one of the "learning" from prior experiences and conditions so that one needs not "fall into the trap" of repeating same. It is likened unto the biblical words ":Cleave the rock and I am there", revealing the "All" and the 'Everything". It has been known as the "Firestone" bringing only the construction of "good" and transmuting that which is not "good" to that which is "good". It has been said to have been the material used to build the oval dome of Atlantis (the dome used for receipt of advanced healing information), the material being only in the hands of the initiates; the energy of the stone was said to purify all those who experienced its touch. It was also used by the ancient Aztecs in building the gateways to the temples, the mineral is revered as both sanctified and consecrated. The gateway often represented the entry into ones beginnings. It is an equalizing and balancing agent and has been used in structuring the meridians of the body and aligning them with the meridians of the Higher Self. It further assists one in determining the molecular structure of the body and of other physical forms. 49mm

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