Red Hematoid Quartz & Mystic Topaz Pendant~JSSRHQMT

$ 40.00

Red Hematoid Quartz & Mystic Topaz Pendant~JSSRHQMT. Red Hematoid Quartz is the ‘Stone of the Seeker’, a key to open many doors within and all around, a stone that can be called upon when seemingly all else fails, or when there is confusion of what other crystal or mineral to connect with, it attracts its keeper to genuine source, a stone that helps stop one misjudging, as well as being misjudged, helps one to stand out of the crowd, to be different in a positive way, said to help diminish and lower negative and harmful rays or frequencies such as electro-magnetic fields and frequencies, also known as EMF. Mystic Topaz projects strength, mental acuity and physical power, can help one feel grounded, centered and energized all at once, can make one more capable than usual of handling the mundane world-more focused, more confident, more aware of everything around oneself, more amused by life in general, and more ready to cope with whatever needs one’s attention, can enable one to take on more responsibilities without feeling them to be a burden, can activate one’s mental abilities, especially the analytical, rational, side, as well as give an enhancement of humor and one’s sense of fun, can bring a great deal of vitality from this mineral, and is can be helpful for those who want to bring in more chi, can activate and awaken the chakras dispelling sorrow and replacing it with unlimited joy, can bring new understanding of one’s relationships, and can heal stressful relationships, can also reveal hidden talents and Divine gifts. 48mm x 13mm x 8mm

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