Rainbow Moonstone Wand with Stand~CRMWSTD1

$ 63.00

Rainbow Moonstone & Black Tourmaline Wand with Stand~India~CRMWSTD1. Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings- a clean slate-a fresh start- a go with the flow energy. It is also a stone of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine. It is said to assist one in understanding one's feelings, their origins and meanings. A stone for hoping and wishing, it can assist one in understanding the destiny one has chosen and cleanse negativity from the chakras. assists one in planning, progress and improvement. It is a stone of intuition and psychic abilities, and assists past life regressions and soul retrieval. It reminds us to celebrate the cycles, rites of passage, and milestones of our life, and that every "ending" is also a new beginning. Black tourmaline excellent for psychic protection for those who work or live in challenging places or circumstances, purifier, helps one disengage from obsessive or compulsive behaviors and releases chronic worry and anxiety, dissipate negative energy, grounding. 170mm x 48mm x 40mm. Stand 6 inches tall.

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