Quartz Matchstick Crystals- 1 pound CRQUMSBL

$ 65.00

A full pound of "Matchstick" Quartz Crystals in Organa bag- CRQUMSBL Matchstick quartz are tiny quartz crystals, great for grids, place in a bowl for "crystal potpourri, jewelry, or lay whole bag on body during bodywork or meditation. Quartz is an an energy amplifier and transmitter, and is said to bring the energy and harmony of the stars into the soul.  It is thought to facilitate communication with ascended masters, teachers, and healers. It  can be programmed as a “constant prayer or intention generator”, sending our highest thoughts and wishes out to the Universe. One (1) pound bag of "Matchstick" Quartz Crystals. Bags are 6" x 5" x 1".

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