Psilomelane Nodule~Morocco CRPSIL10

$ 24.00

Psilomelane (Cryptomelane) Nodule with small crystals (Vanadanite?)~Morocco CRPSIL10. Psilomelane shields not only the physical body, but guards against negative entities. It is an excellent focal crystal for people doing soul retrieval. It assists one in knowing ones patterns and uncovers ones hidden motivations. By assisting one in correcting ones unloving behavioral patterns, it improves ones emotional state. It is said to be particularly helpful in cooling down anger and reducing fears. The shamanistic vibration of this stone guides one through the energy of the natural world and improves communication with elementals. It is a stone that stimulates deep intuition and psychic knowing. Promoting understanding of the god and goddess energies present in the aura and in the surroundings, this miraculous stone allow soul teachers to come all the way through to the physical plane to work with the holder. It signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility, encouraging one to experience oneself as they actually are. It promotes smooth states of meditation. It has also been used for gazing, providing for insight into that which is occurring in a distant location. Prior to the activation of Psilomelane for gazing, conscious direction of the mind is required-otherwise, one may view situations and activities which are of no relevance to the self. 59mm x 43mm x 35mm

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