Prophecy Stone_Small~CRSPROHE

$ 5.00

Prophecy Stone_Small~CRSPROHE. Prophecy Stones are Goethite after Marcasite Psuedomorphs from the White Desert in Egypt. These unique formations were initially precipitated as floating marcasite clusters within Cretaceous Khoman Chalk. They were then oxidized to goethite. In layman’s terms, this gem started out as marcasite and over time, transformed into goethite while still maintaining its marcasite properties and outer formations. Prophecy stone is a perfect tool for meditation, shamanic journey, divination, and when you need some guidance. It serves as a mental cleanser, calming any erratic emotions to create a pathway for level decision making and rational thought. It draws energy from the Earth through the physical body and into the aura. It strongly anchors the auric field within the body as it stimulates the Third Chakra. It also shields one from negative energies and emotional attacks. It controls the flow of information from the body to the mind and vice versa, assisting one in becoming more capable of balancing oneself during stress. Meditating with Prophecy Stone can activate your Third Eye and pineal gland and deepen your inner vision. The pineal gland is the area related to the development of a range of psychic gifts, and this includes the ability to develop psychic visions that are of a precognitive nature. Place it on your altar to anchor and infuse your space with its energy. The meaning of the word "prophecy" is similar to the meaning of the word "precognition" and both refer to gaining knowledge of possible future events.  The difference between the two is mainly to do with the fact that prophecies are generally related to faith based messages or visions. Precognition can be related to knowledge of events that may be related to any type of occurrence, but can relate to messages received from the Divine that may be highly spiritual in nature. Their energy is also known to assist you in accessing the akashic records, the karmic history of all souls. Spiritual teachers or guides located in these realms may also assist your understanding of what you discover there. These stones have a strong grounding energy, while their vibration is quite powerful to energize the higher chakras. One (1) Small Prophecy Stone. Avg. size 27mm x 21mm x 23mm


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