Pipestine Buffalo Carving~ CRPIPBUF

$ 75.00

Pipestine Buffalo Carving~ CRPIPBUF. Pipestone (catlinite) quarries are considered a sacred site by many American Indians. For the last 3000 years, tribes across the central region of North America have traveled to this site to quarry. Pipestone was used for making Native American pipes used for prayer, and the scraps have been carved into Fetishes (animal carvings) and for jewelry. Black Elk said “When you pray with this pipe, you pray for and with everything.” The task of extracting pipestone from the earth is a slow and labor intensive process and the hand tools used today are not much more advanced than the tools and methods used in centuries past. The layer of pipestone is sandwiched between layers of very hard Sioux Quartzite rock. Pipestone is a sacred stone to the Native Americans, mined by Native Americans, used for ceremonial pipes & fetishes, helpful for access to the “ancient ones” and the “old ways”, facilitates clarity in visions and mysticism, allows one to see the flaws in humanity and still love this same humanity. Buffalo energy, or medicine, is about sustenance, abundance, prosperity, and standing one’s ground. In Ted Andrews book Animal Speak he says in reference to Buffalo that “The Lord helps those who help themselves”. It also resonates with the concepts “ask and it is given”, and “faith moves mountains but bring a shovel”, and “faith without works is dead”. It is also a reminder to protect ones resources. 61mm x 25mm x 46mm

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