Pink Petalite Rough Chunk~CRPPETA05

$ 6.00

Pink Petalite Rough Chunk~CRPPETA05. Pink Petalite is a lithium bearing mineral, as such, it can be used for ADD, ADHD, excessive worry or stress, and other instances of overactive ego-mind. It is a stone of the angels, furthers ones angelic connection, ones connection to ancient civilizations, and ones spiritual guides & totem animals, recommended to be carried during vision quests to bring calm, protection, alertness and prompt success, assists inducing the “no- mind” meditative state helping one return with total relaxation & peace. It is a stone that helps cut ties with anyone from past, and supports independence. It enables the wearer to clears negative emotions and lessens emotional sensitivity. Petalite is a stone of compassion, promoting flexibility while maintaining gentle strength. Some pieces may also contain dendrites of Manganese, “the love element”. 56mm x 49mm x 24mm

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