Peridot & Basalt~New Mexico CRPERBAS

$ 24.00

Peridot & Basalt "Bomb"~New Mexico CRPERBAS. These specimens are called “Peridot Bombs" because they were formed deep in the earth’s crust, and were carried to the surface by magma and gasses and “thrown” into the atmosphere during a volcanic eruption. Peridot activate and harmonizes the third and fourth chakras, blending the energies of Love and Will, enhancing ones courage to act on our hearts desires as we pursue our destiny. It is considered a stone of attracting abundance on all levels, while removing blockages to receiving. It is thought to reveal and bless one’s souls avocation. It is thought to enhance self-worth and self-forgiveness. Basalt is thought to assist one in learning one’s lessons “the first time through”. It is said to remind one not to "sink" into despair when faced with "heavy" problems, and to bounce back quicker. It is a stone of the fire element and the root chakra. It is a grounding stone. One (1) Peridot "Bomb" approx. 2 pounds each. Some photographs were taken with a wet specimen to show color.

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