Peace Jade Generator~CRPJADE3

$ 20.00

Peace Jade Generator~CRPJADE3. Peace Jade is the trade name for a mineral combination that comes from Tibet and is a combination of pale green Serpentine, and pink/lavender Stichtite (similar to the lime green serpentine and dark purple Stichtite in Atlantiscite from Africa). Stichtite is a stone of forgiveness, and in forgiving we free ourselves to be gentle with ourselves and others, promoting calm, peaceful, gentle, compassionate speech and inner dialog. This can be useful in countering the angry divisiveness that is so prevalent in our world today. Serpentine is a stone for awakening ones kundalini, and sometimes facilitating a spiritual awakening as well. It is also said to assist in releasing culturally ingrained aggression/defensive patterns or karmic or personal patterns of the abuser/rescuer/victim cycle that lead to the ongoing discord of the world. It is thought to release fear of change, promote hope and optimism, and remind one to “be the change one wishes to see in the world”. 92mm x 26mm x 22mm

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