Onyx, Agate, Mushroom Rhyolite Intarsia pendant necklace

$ 65.00

Onyx, Agate, Mushroom Rhyolite Intarsia pendant necklace. Black Onyx beads, Agate beads, Mushroom Rhyolite Intarsia (inlay) pendant. Onyx is said to be a helpful ally for staying centered during times of any form of stress, promoting vitality, stamina, and perseverance. It is thought to be a stone of good fortune, by stimulating wisdom and discipline in decision making… helping those who help themselves. Mushroom Rhyolite is considered a stone of creativity at our deepest level, bringing our limitless potential and talents to the surface. It is thought to bring comfort, clarity, and protection during the process of resolving past issues. It is said to help us remain grounded and rooted in meditative practices.Agate is said to bring precision and discernment to this exploration.

20”-26” adjustable string cord. JNOAM001

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