Nazca Stone-Peru-"The Hummingbird"~CRNSHUM1

$ 6.95

Nazca Stone-Peru-"The Hummingbird"~CRNSHUM1.  Just late last year, scientists discovered over 140 new geoglyphs known as Nazca lines: a mysterious, ancient cluster of giant figures etched long ago into the desert terrain of southern Peru. These massive, sprawling representations of humans, animals, and objects date back in some cases 2,500 years, and are so large, many of them can only be identified from the air. While the purpose of these large motifs drawn by the ancient Nazca culture remains debated, we do at least know how they were constructed. All of these figures were created by removing the black stones that cover the land, thereby exposing the white sand beneath. These Nazca Stones are painted with an assortment of the actual geoglyphs. Peru is home to many hummingbirds, with around 125 recorded species. The Nazca hummingbird geoglyph is easy to identify because of its characteristically long and pointed beak and well-defined wings and tail. The geoglyph is about 320 feet long and 216 feet wide — a huge representation for such a tiny bird. 57mm x 36mm x 19mm

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