Mothers’ Little Helper- Gemstone Grace

$ 125.00

Mothers’ Little Helper- Mother of Pearl beads, Tiffany Stone pendant G.F. Beads, Vermeil Toggle Clasp. Tiffany Stone is said to enhance, and bring order and clarity to, the four clairs of psychic abilities, clairaudience , clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance. It can help one connect with ones inner self, and ones higher self. It is considered a “stone of attunement”, it can assist one in the transfer of spiritually guided energy and empowerment one to another. It is thought to remind one that the root of all evil is…evil, That prosperity and abundance are your birthright ready to be claimed, that faith truly is the substance of things hoped for (the energy, that when coupled with intent, becomes the matter of manifestation), and the evidence of things unseen (that one’s faith is proof that ones creations are already waiting to be claimed through the process of the Law of Attraction, the mindset of “Ask and it is given”, and the promise of Divine supply). Mother of Pearl is said to enhance intuitive sensitivities, including access to our primordial roots, the Akashic records, and Family Constellations. It is considered to carry a shielding, buffering, and protective energy.  This necklace is lovingly made and Reiki charged.

18 3/4” Long. ESGGJ003

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