Moss Agate Rabbit and Flower Carving~CRMAFRC2

$ 36.00

Moss Agate Rabbit and Flower Carving~CRMAFRC2. Moss agate is considered a stone of balance and stability. It is thought to enhance concentration, persistence, and endurance. It has been used as an amplifier in meditation for ones intentions and goals, and as such is considered a stone of prosperity. It is said to cut karmic cords and patterns from past lives. It has been used to improve self-worth and self-esteem. 

Everyone has seen a rabbit freeze and then suddenly bolt away as a person walks by. Rabbits are small and gentle, without many defenses. They treat everything as a potential threat, yet are still able to relax as they eat grass or sleep in their safe burrows. People who identify with the rabbit power animal may have a similar timid and fearful response. They may be shy in social situations and suffer from anxiety. The rabbit totem teaches us to overcome irrational fears while still protecting ourselves from harm. We are able to realize what a good teacher Rabbit is in showing us that we are the creators of our lives with our thoughts and emotions. 94mm x 91mm x 17mm

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