Mosasaur Jaw Fossil~CRFMOSJ2

$ 36.00

Reconstructed Mosasaur Jaw Fossil~Morroco~CRFMOSJ2. Reconstructed Mosasaur jaws, with six 100% authentic Mosasaur teeth. The jaw bone has been sculpted using reconstructed fossilized bone, and then the teeth have been placed in their positions. As part of the preparing and preservation process, sand is mixed with a hardening liquid and the jaws reassembled as they would have been naturally found. Mosasaurs are considered one of the Great Marine Reptiles that ruled the seas during the Cretaceous period. Mosasaurs are not Dinosaurs. Although they are often referred to as the T-Rex of the seas, they were reptiles that returned to the sea during the Cretaceous Period. Even though they are aquatic, these greats beasts were still reptiles that breathed air. 174mm x 125mm x 54mm

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