Mookaite Sphere~CRMKSPH02

$ 20.00

Mookaite Sphere with stand~CRMKSPH02. Mookaite helps one celebrate new circumstances, soothing any erratic excitable states and assisting one to await "the highest" in all situations. It provides a shield of uncompromising strength when one confronts danger and helps one to grow emotionally with change. It further assist one with decision-making in times when one is experiencing dilemma, guiding one to the best possible decision between any opposing sides. Mookaite acts as a "mentor" when one is faced with whether to "brave the path one knows not" or to "brave the path one knows". The ideal of the "new" is not always the choice in cases where the options are in total opposition. It reawakens the ability to simply "know" the right direction to take, in physical or non-physical reality. It attunes one to the needs of others and inspires discretion in the assessment of problems. It promotes the balancing of ones needs with the requirements of the day, allowing one to recognize and to care for that which is o f prime importance to well-being. It also provides companionship for those who are alone, and to assist one to celebrate situations of isolation( jaspers are known as "the supreme nurturers), and stimulates the inner understanding of, and a beneficial behavior modification for, children. Mookaite further assists one in being kind to oneself and others. It tends to promote a plethora of energy and flashes of ideas , to eliminate distractions, to dissipate illusions, and to reveal reality that was concealed. It is a reminder that one is not here just for oneself, but is also here to bring joy and substance to others, assisting others to release the bonds of constraint. It helps one maintain a "young at heart" attitude and vibrant physical vehicle. Mookaite activates the deeper aspects of mind and genetic memory.
It also can have a positive effect on any karma that may be associated with caregiving drawing on the positive ancestors in our Family Constellation. 40mm

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