Molybdenite Crystals~CRMOLYBD

$ 10.00

Molybdenite Crystals~CRMOLYBD. Molybdenite smooths the way to self realization, by encouraging self-reflection and stimulating creative thought process, as well as general creativity. Creative thoughts will have clarity and direction, so ideas become relatively easy to manifest. Molybdentite does not align itself with one particular chakra, but rather shines light onto each chakra, especially when held in the near vicinity. It then mirrors back any problems in the area, so we understand where clearing and healing needs to take place, before encouraging the clearing process to begin. As a result, each chakra becomes balanced and vibrant. The process extends to the corresponding layers of the body’s energy field (subtle bodies), so the ‘tune up’ takes place on every level, and there is a sense of the physical body and energetic bodies becoming coherent and whole, while at the same time the auric field is strengthened. The process can extend outwards to those we are working with and relating to, meaning that working with others brings less friction and brings more continuity of ideas and direction. Molybdenite transmits energy and encourages flow of energy, which is neither directional nor linear, but rather goes where it is needed. This mineral has a supportive energy allowing one to “trust”. It supports one so that one may have confidence and strength of will to move forward. Molybdenite helps one to be clear and focus one’s intention so that one may manifest all that one desires. One (1)  Molybdenite Crystal.  Photographed in 44 mm containers.

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