Mini Decorative Tea Kettle~CRMDTK08

$ 25.00

Mini Decorative Dendritic Jasper Tea Kettle~CRMDTK08. Dendritic Jasper can be used in meditation to merge with the consciousness of the Earth, one can also connect with the energy of sacred places around the globe. It can facilitate all manner of inner journeying, and resonates with seeing through “illusion”. It stimulates the “Earth Angels" to lovingly, creatively, and efficiently work together to save the planet. It is an excellent anti-procrastination/motivational stone. It is said to provide increasing inspiration, motivation, and energy the closer one gets to the completion of a goal. It also has a grounding effect which can balance and ground one during times of stress. It encourages love, especially between parent and child. 53mm x 46mm x 36mm

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