Mini Decorative Tea Kettle~CRMDTK01

$ 25.00

Mini Decorative Blue Aventurine/ Chalcedony Tea Kettle~CRMDTK01. Blue Aventurine assists one in making clear decisions and sticking to them. It can be useful in initiating changes in unwanted habits. It is said to improve one’s ability to concentrate and helps one assume one’s power by taking full responsibility for one’s life. It opens the throat and third eye chakras. Chalcedony was used as a sacred stone by the Native American Indians, promoting stability within the ceremonial activities of the tribes”.  It has also been used for psychic communication, and when configured in a geode formation, can facilitate astral travel. It is thought to balance the four body energy system, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 51mm x 44mm x 33mm

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