Messages From Spirit~Colette Baron-Reid

$ 19.99

Messages From Spirit: The Extraordinary Power of Oracles, Omens, and Signs ~Colette Baron-Reid.

· A mother receives an undeniable message of love from her deceased son

· A series of meaningful coincidences appear to save a life

· An overheard conversation between strangers delivers a life-altering personal message to a bystander

· A dream warns a woman of a wounded animal located miles away

· A reading of oracle cards prepares a daughter for an impending tragedy

Extraordinary? Unusual? It’s not! Messages from Spirit are received every day by ordinary people in a multitude of ways. We’re made of—and surrounded by—an all-knowing Divine field of intelligence that’s waiting to guide us and give us help whenever we ask for it. We just need to learn how to enter the conversation and understand the dialogue. So how do we ask? How do we receive and interpret the answers? By exploring ancient methods of connecting to the Divine in a modern context, renowned intuitive counselor and best-selling author Colette Baron-Reid shows you magical, fun, and practical methods that will enable you to delve into your own dialogue with Spirit. She’ll take you on a mysterious and enlightening journey that will shake up your perspective, stir your curiosity, and prepare you for a Divine conversation that will forever change your understanding of the world around you.

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