Melanite Garnet Crystals~CRMELG02

$ 24.00

Melanite Garnet Crystals~CRMELG02. Melanite is a glossy black garnet gemstone that is sometimes referred to as "titanian andradite" due to its titanium content. It is one of the three varieties of the rare andradite garnet group. It can be used for all situations in which there is a deficiency of love, or perceived deficiency of love, (from/to others and from/to the self). It acts to dispel jealousy, envy, distrust, and anger, and releases blockages to the heart and throat chakras. It also exhibits a lovely energy which advances relationships, whether in divorce or union. It brings an understanding between the “two” such that all is likely to progress quite smoothly. It further serves to assist one in self-adjusting. It helps one release resentment and animosity and to understand the basis for same, stimulates the learning of the lessons necessary to advance towards ones actualization of the perfect state. 39mm x 33mm x 17mm


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