Magnetic Epidote~Pakistan CRMAGEP1

$ 95.00

Magnetic Epidote~Zard Mountain, Pakistan CRMAGEP1. This magnetic Epidote Crystal contains inclusions of magnetite, titanite, quartz, albite, actinolite and chamosite (chlorite family). Epidote functions vibrationally like a magnet, amplifying one’s natural attraction for things and situations. It can be used to create abundance and prosperity, to attract loving relationships, to catalyze the creative process etc. It is healing on a physical level by dissolving blockages and other manifestations of emotional density. It assists one in seeing the positive in any situation and in finding ways to transform one’s reality to create a more positive experience. It can be used in combination with other stones for attracting and manifestation. It is very grounding, and assists in balancing on all levels including mood swings. It attracts that to which it is attuned, It inspires spiritual growth, and can alleviate grief, fear, anger and over-attachment. 77mm x 74mm x 55mm 

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