Mariposite Generator~JCRMARG2

$ 28.00

Mariposite Generator~JCRMARG2. Mariposite is the name given to a combination stone consisting of green chromium rich Mica within a white dolomitic marble matrix. The meaning of their name relates to the place where they were first discovered in Mariposa County in California USA. It helps us to be more flexible in our outlook and in our personality and helps us to adapt more easily and successfully to new situations and conditions. It connects to the heart chakra. It helps to soothe and calm one’s emotional body so that one is able to become emotionally stable and balanced. Its emotional healing energies will motivate to be more confident most especially with the decisions that you’re making. It allows one to stay centered and to remain calm thus helping with issues of stress and anxiety. This stone will also motivate you to become more flexible when it comes to your personality and outlook so that you’ll be able to adapt to new situations and environments confidently and easily. It boost your ability to speak more diplomatically and may aid you to be sensitive to the needs of others. It assists one to more easily attain the theta state. Theta is the state that your brain waves generally reach when you go to sleep and are dreaming, but you can also reach theta in meditation. Being able to more easily attain the theta state in meditation is highly beneficial. Theta is an extremely deep state of meditation, where you may be able to move more easily into the spirit realms. Once in this deep state you may feel your eye-lids begin to flutter, and you may sink more deeply into a state where you are able to contact spirit guides and other spiritual beings. When you are traveling within the spirit realms, this energy also assists you to adjust your awareness and manner of thinking while in this realm. It also said to helps one with energy overload, and avoid or eliminate exhaustion. 107mm x 29mm x 25mm

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