Manjushri Singing Bowl / Meditation Bowl Large 6 inch SHMYSBLG

$ 105.95

Manjushri (Wisdom & Clarity) Singing Bowl / Meditation Bowl Large 6 inch SHMYSBLG.  This is a high-quality singing bowl made from seven healing metals, with a guaranteed long, soothing and clear tone. Manjushri is the Bodhisattva embodying the wisdom and transcend knowledge of all the buddhas and bodhisattvas. He is golden orange in color and holds the flaming sward of wisdom in his right hand and in his left the stem of a lotus flower upon which rest a volume of the Perfection of Wisdom sutra. He symbolizes the clear, unobstructed nature of the omniscient mind, cutting through all ignorance with a perfection of all wisdom. The bowl has the mantra of Manjushri "Om Ah Ra Paza Na Dhi dhi..." engraved on the outside of the bowl, and a relief carving of the Manjushri inside the bowl. Each bowl includes an information pamphlet and felt covered mallet.

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