Manifestation Chalcedony Laughing Buddha~CRMCLBUD

$ 10.00

Manifestation Chalcedony Laughing Buddha~CRMCLBUD. The Laughing Buddha emerged from Chinese folktales of the 10th century. The original stories of the Laughing Buddha centered on a Ch'an monk named Ch'i-t'zu, or Qieci, from Fenghua, in what is now the province of Zhejiang. Ch'i-t'zu was an eccentric but much-loved character who worked small wonders, such as predicting the weather. Chinese history assigned the date of 907-923 CE to Ch't'zu's life, which means he lived considerably later than the historical Shakyamuni, the true Buddha. One of the best feng shui locations for a Laughing Buddha is close to the front door so that you can see it as you come home. Laughing Buddha is considered to be a patron of children. Laughing Buddha is used in feng shui to bring good luck, abundance, happiness, success, good health; any feng shui bagua area can benefit from the sparkling energy of the Laughing Buddha. Manifestation Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline variety of silica (Quartz) with “flowers” of Quartz crystals growing within. According to Melody in “Love is in the Earth”, Chalcedony was used as a sacred stone by the Native American Indians, promoting stability within the ceremonial activities of the tribes”.  It has also been used for psychic communication, and when configured in a geode formation, can facilitate astral travel. It is thought to balance the four body energy system, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It requires the inner knowledge that one is a clear and perfect channel, that a pure white light provides the guiding way, and that purity of the Divine is within the Inner Self. If there is something which one wishes to manifest, the relevant questions are: "Do I really want this?" and "Are there reasons that I may not want this?" One must clear any feelings of ambivalence and inner turmoil prior to using this crystal to expect effectivity. 1)Meditate with the Crystal 2)Concentrate on the Base Chakra, Third- eye, or the Sacral Chakra 3)Visualize that which is desired and bring it consciously into a clear mental picture 4)Feel the emotions associated with the actualization of the visualization, can be used to facilitate artistic creativity, creative thinking, agricultural pursuits, provides one with the incentive and the "will" to progress and to proceed in one's life, assisting one to select the most desirable path(s) for the journey. 30mm x 30mm x 18mm

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