Lithium Muscovite Quartz Skull~CRLMQSK1

$ 65.00

Lithium Muscovite Quartz Skull~CRLMQSK1. Instead of representing death or loss, Skulls represents the important Buddhist concept of emptiness. In Buddhism, emptiness is considered to be a quality of the universe. This means that phenomena we experience has no inherent nature by itself; instead, we attach meaning to what we experience. It’s basically saying all events are neutral- but we choose to magnify them in our minds. They can also symbolize humility, reminding us that everything outside the skull is vanity. They can also represent humanity, unity, and diversity, because other than subtle differences and size, they are pretty much identical regardless, of age, sex, or race. Lithium Muscovite Quartz was discovered in 2018. It is Quartz with lithium, muscovite and lepidolite inclusions. It is an extremely grounding stone that helps to bring forth a sense of self confidence and a new excitement for life. The sparks of inclusions sparks amplify the stone’s fire and earth energy. It projects root and sacral chakra energy. The stone assists in increasing confidence, positive thinking, manifestation and channeling creative energy. It facilitates emotional healing, positive sexual expression (even increasing libido) and personal power. It’s a stone for creators. It helps to keep our feet planted on the ground while helping us to adopt an upbeat attitude and lift our spirits. It gives us a sense of security and the feeling that we can take on the world without fear. It encourages us to work hard, turning our dreams into tangible form. It is considered a stone of emotional balance, health, and peace. It is thought to be a great stone to help increase the connection between mates or partners.  92mm x 65mm x 73mm

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