Libyan Gold Tektite~CRLGTLGT

$ 42.00

Libyan Gold Tektite~CRLGTLGT. Libyan Gold Tektite, also known as Libyan Desert Glass, like Moldavite, is a tektite, or Meteoric Impact glass created when meteors strike the Earth. It is considered the ‘Stone of the Truthful Soul’, a stone that help’s one to speak from the heart, to speak in that of love and of light, encourages one to see what is real around oneself, to see what need’s to be learnt from, what need’s to be accepted, a stone to take off the self-veil, to take away the mask of what one thought was or used as a sense of protection, in order to let in reality and truth, help’s to removing impurity from the mind and spirit, expunging that which could cause falsehoods or injustice, whether toward oneself, or toward other’s. One (1) piece Libyan Gold Tektite, size varies 5.7-5.8 grams each.

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