Lemon Chrysoprase Pendant~JSSLCMP1

$ 36.00

Sterling Silver Lemon Chrysoprase Pendant~JSSLCMP1. “Lemon Chrysoprase" is the trade name for yellowish-greenish veined magnesite. It is a powerful third eye and crown chakra stone, and it can bring direct-knowing and feelings of bliss. It relates to the "heart of silence”, aiding the emotional body in relaxing and releasing and instilling peace during meditation. It is said to aid elimination of self-deceit and can stimulate passion and heart felt love. It can bring "revolutionary" inspiration. "Lemon chrysoprase" blends all these properties with third chakra power & heart chakra passion. While it stimulates one's abilities to connect with guides and evolved entities, its energy assists one in tuning into the Akashic records and the information contained in the soul group consciousness of humanity. It allows one to access the genetic memory of humankind, including our star-seed origins. 43mm x 13mm x 4mm

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