Larimar Ring~ Size 7 1/2~JSSLRR05

$ 40.00

Sterling Silver Larimar Ring~JSSLRR05. Larimar~”Nurture”. The energy of Larimar is summed up by the female aspect of Spirit supporting the child within in her arms. In a sea of emotion, the child is held protectively, yet is cleansed of all impurities. This female aspect and child live within all of us, aiding us when we are in need of deep comfort and support. This is the energy of Larimar. Larimar, also known as blue pectolite or dolphin stone, ranges in color between a vibrant turquoise blue and pale green. Larimar is found in the Dominican Republic, and it reflects the colors and energies of he Caribbean Sea. Larimar is volcanic in origin, yet it exudes a nurturing cool vibration that lends itself wonderfully to tempering excess fire in one's energy.  This Ally helps one to feel cradled in the arms of protection and love, while it encourages the cleansing and movement of energy throughout the body and aura. Larimar embodies the perseverance of the Water element.  While fire may burn hot, it burns fast and water can always put it out.   Where there is infection or any other 'hot' condition, Larimar's healing and soothing energies can be called upon to calm and cool the energies. Larimar carries the vibration of nurturing.  This energy creates the sensation that one is being comforted and cared for by the Great Earth Mother.  Its water energy provides the comfort of the ocean of the womb. When one is feeling the need for deep cleansing and protection, a water healing can greatly aid in recovering one's sense of connection to the Great Mother.   Water healing can mean relaxing in a hot tub to sooth frazzled nerves, taking swim in the ocean, or even crying, one of the most cleansing and clearing things we can do to release "hot " energy. As adults we do not always get the nurturing and support that we need.   The energy of Larimar is a wonderful Ally to call upon when the need for retreat to the womb is upon you. When Larimar is calling you, it is time to reconnect to the energies of the nurturing, female aspect of yourself and the Universe.  Now is not the time for strong movement, but for retreat into the gentle flow of nature. Perhaps you have been pushing yourself too hard or too long.  Maybe you just need a break from the heat of everyday life.  Larimar is calling you to cool and soothe your energy. Drink some water, take a bath or have a good cry.   Then curl up and dream of the blue ocean and azure sky.  Listen to the frequency of Larimar in your heart, as it sings you to sleep with the voice of the Great Mother Earth. “I am supported and nurtured by the Energy of the Universe.” Size 7 1/2

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