Labradorite Raven~CRLABRAV

$ 45.00

Labradorite Raven~CRLABRAV. Raven totem symbolizes a change in consciousness and also represents a shapeshifter. Native elders believed that the raven had the power to draw secrets from the Shadows. Raven is a bearer of magic. It is the messenger from the great void beyond time, space, and ether, from where ‘everything originated’ and into which everything eventually goes. The raven was sacred to Native American ceremonies. It always had to be present to transport the energy of the message to its destiny. The raven’s powers also healed people from a distance. Labradorite reminds us that thoughts create reality, and positive thinking creates positive emotional states. It is thought to connect one to extraterrestrial energies. It clears, balances, seals and balances the aura. It is said to "shine a light" of illumination on our souls destiny and avocation; to remember your magic, and encourages one to progress upon that path. It is a stone of the mental body, rationality, discernment, and intuition. 81mm x 50mm x 28mm

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