Labradorite Lions Face Carving CRLLION1

$ 18.00

Labradorite Lions Face Carving CRLLION1. Lions symbolize courage, protection, leadership, passionate relationships, and strong self-esteem. Lion is a powerful “golden leader” that uses integrity and compassion to help shift the world towards positive change. Lions love the spotlight but succeed best when they lead with cooperation and respect for everyone’s position, allowing each person a chance to shine. Lions are loyal and passionate and will defend their pack and ideals to the death, but the wisest lions know when to let things be and when it’s best to attack. With practice, you will be better able to discern whether you are spending your energy defending & advocating for a worthy cause or getting caught in an exhausting spiral of resisting opposition. Labradorite reminds us that thoughts create reality, and positive thinking creates positive emotional states. It is thought to connect one to extraterrestrial energies. It clears, balances, seals and balances the aura. It is said to "shine a light" of illumination on our souls destiny and avocation; to remember your magic, and encourages one to progress upon that path. It is a stone of the mental body, rationality, discernment, and intuition. Size 27mm x 12mm

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