Labradorite Ammonite Carving~CRLABAC4

$ 15.00

Labradorite Ammonite Carving~CRLABAC4. Labradorite reminds us that thoughts create reality, and positive thinking creates positive emotional states. It is thought to connect one to extraterrestrial energies. It clears, balances, seals and balances the aura. It is said to "shine a light" of illumination on our souls destiny and avocation; to remember your magic, and encourages one to progress upon that path. It is a stone of the mental body, rationality, discernment, and intuition. It assists us and uplift us through the sometimes challenging practice of self-examination and the feelings that can accompany this exploration. It can also assist us in taking action on the guidance we receive through intuition, meditation, and prayer, leading to the understanding and fulfillment of ones destiny. It resonates with the story of Dragon and Dragonfly. One day, Dragon was challenged to prove his power by turning himself into a Dragonfly. After he did this, Dragon forgot his true power and got stuck as Dragonfly. The message of Labradorite is “Remember your magic”! 37mm x 28mm x 18mm

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