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Kimberlite-Tumbled~TUMKIMBE. Kimberlite, named after the town of Kimberley in South Africa where it was first discovered, is the stone that Diamond miners love to see, for it is this stone that they mine to extract the Diamonds that form within it.  These particular pieces come from the "Big Hole" Diamond Mine, the worlds largest Diamond mine.  Kimberlite is only very rarely released by the mining companies as it's possible that each piece could contain valuable Diamonds, making this a sought after tumblestone! Kimberlite increases our self-confidence and helps us to be more decisive. It instils trust and loyalty and provides us with hope. It helps to ease the painful processes that, to a greater or lesser degree, we must all experience at sometime in our lives. It helps us to accept change as inevitable and can help us in uniting the irreconcilable. It also helps us to pull together all of the different aspects of our life, all the various threads of our life, so that we can better understand our life's journey to date. It is an excellent crystal for meditation. It helps us to achieve clarity of thought during our meditation so that we may know what we need to do in order to reach our highest good. It is a stone of manifestation and transformation helping us to manifest abundance here on Earth. It connects to all of the chakra points and can help to balance and revitalize our entire chakra system. It helps us to not only "talk the talk", but also to "walk the walk" and follow our true spiritual path. It helps surface your deepest and most precious gifts. It also gives you the courage and direction you need to manifest those gifts in the world. Kimberlite is rare and difficult to mine, so it’s an expensive gem. Aligned to the Root Chakra, it reinforces your inner strength and helps you develop tenacity and courage. If you feel timid, or unsure of how to live your purpose with confidence and conviction, this stone is for you. One (1) Tumbled Kimberlite avg size 29mm x 25mm x 14mm

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