Kaolinite Agate Generator~CRKAGN02

$ 12.00

Kaolinite Agate Generator~CRKAGN02. Kaolinite Agate is agate containing hollow tubes which filled in naturally with Kaolinite, a type of clay. It is said to assist one over the “high ridges” during spiritual evolvement that could become obstacles in ones journey, helping one digest, process, and eliminate the problems of life. Provides encouragement and stamina for ones endeavors, and provides sympathy when one is “down”.  It is thought to provide strength to the user to rid oneself of unwanted influences from the physical plane  and to dispel possession of the body from an outside force. It is said to assist clairaudient pursuits and enhance transcription activities. Also contains Black Tourmaline crystals. 76mm x 21mm x 17mm

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