Kammererite Pendant~JSSKAM03

$ 40.00

Sterling Silver Kammererite Pendant~JSSKAM03. Kammererite (RARE) is part of the Chlorite family found mainly in the Scandanavian countries of Sweden, Finland and Norway, but also in Turkey. It is a chromium based form of Clinochlore where chromium replaces the iron which is found in another form of clinochlore known as Seraphinite. Where as Chlorite/Clinochlore is considered the premier healing stone on a physical level, Kammererite is a healing stone on the Soul level, which then impacts the physical. It is a stone of spiritual development. It stimulates our third eye, crown and etheric chakras. It allows one to feel on all levels simultaneously, which makes it a fantastic divination tool. It allows us to see things from a higher, spiritual perspective allowing us to become more flexible and accepting ~ particularly if we have strong views or beliefs that were set during childhood. If we find those patterns and thoughts difficult to shift as an adult, then Kammererite is a stone that can help greatly. It sweeps through the energetic bodies, but also penetrates into the physical body. As one’s consciousness opens to these higher vibrational frequencies on is able to have a greater understanding of one’s life’s purpose. This beautiful crystal lets one ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the joy of experiencing the third dimensional reality and the opportunities it offers for one’s spiritual growth and one’s soul’s growth. This is a ‘spiritual awakening’ for many and Kammererite supports one so that one can integrate these higher vibrational frequencies into everyday living. mm x mm x mm

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