K-2 Stone Rough Chumk~ CRLRK2AZ

$ 18.00

K-2 Stone Rough Chumk~ CRLRK2AZ. K2 is a new material that was recently found on a mountain next to the famous K2 peak; K2 is located in the region of northern Pakistan, and is the second-highest mountain on Earth. K2 is comprised of beautiful blue deposits of Azurite or Afghanite in dendritic cream-colored granite. There is still much debate as to exactly what the blue mineral is. The stone polishes evenly, and since the Afghanite is harder (5.5-6) than Azurite (3.5-4) and closer to granite (6-7) in hardness, I would lean towards Afghanite for this reason. Either mineral would act to bring a deeper insight and intuition into how to find a new, loving and positive attitude towards oneself, and love and balance in relationships. From early times, the healers of Atlantis, Greece and Egypt and the tribal cultures of the Mayans and Native Americans used granite to communicate with spiritual guides and gain insight into the meaning and purpose of life. 104mm x 82mm x 58mm

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