Jade Twin Cherubim Carving CRJADECC

$ 75.00

Jade Twin Cherubim Carving CRJADECC. Jade is considered an auspicious and sacred stone, with strong and ancient connections to Asian and Mayan cultures. It is considered by many to be a stone of prosperity, helping one access one’s full potential and commitment. It is thought to assist caregivers and hospice workers in peacefully balancing and identifying their own needs and those for who they are caring. It is also thought to assist in a gentle transition from this plane of existence to the next. It is said to assist in shamanic journeying, traveling to the spiritual realms, the underworld, the dreamtime. A Cherub is a winged angelic being described in biblical tradition as attending to God, often pictured as chubby, healthy, innocent looking children. 62mm x 38mm x 17mm

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