Hiddenite Crystals~ CRHIDDEN

$ 5.00

Hiddenite Crystals~ CRHIDDEN. Hiddenite teaches one how to return spontaneity and genuineness to love relationships, it teaches that loving is its own reward, and that even if love and loss go hand in hand, loving is still the best and only thing to do, it is recommended for those who are ready to reclaim their ability to love with their whole hearts, it can assist those in relationships where some of the joy has been supplanted by struggle, it teaches us to receive the love of the Divine, and to return that love in kind through the frequency of gratitude, it is especially helpful for those who have difficulty receiving due to feelings of unworthiness, and for those who judge their worth by their wealth or possessions (or lack thereof) by allowing them to recognize how truly precious they are to the Creator. One (1) Hiddenite Crystal. Avg. size 23mm x 17mm x 13mm

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