Hemimorphite Generator~CRHEMG07

$ 22.00

Hemimorphite Generator~CRHEMG07. Hemimorphite resonates with the practice of Ho’oponopono, and manifests the energy of well-being on many levels. It brings balance to auric field, dissolving and dispelling dark spots of negativity or weakness. It allows one to take responsibility for happiness or unhappiness, for creating ones personal reality. It can further enhance one's self-esteem when one maintains the honesty of ones relationship to reality. It assists in growing toward an egoless self-confidence and self-respect. It affects the emotional body in very positive ways, bringing in a vibration of joy which does not deny life's unavoidable incidents of grief and sorrow. When one does not resist any emotion, the unimpeded flow of feeling is in itself so rewarding that even grief retains an element of joy. It enhances the communication of the truth of one's feelings and can help in the healing of dysfunctional relationships. It is a powerful stone for forgiveness, release of resentment or anger, and the healing of karmic ties between people.  It facilitates the necessary inner growth through which one can learn to connect and communicate with souls who have "passed over" to the next realm. Hemimorphite can help one to understand and to utilize the powerful ancient techniques of healing. 98mm x 26mm x 23mm

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