Heart "Courting" Candle Holder~CIBMCCH1

$ 12.95

Black Metal Heart "Courting" Candle Holder~CIBMCCH1. A "Courting" Candle Holder is an American Colonial-era style candleholder that comes with a wood knob for adusting candle height. Early American legend has it that the courting candle, a spiral, iron-forged candleholder, was used to determine how long a suitor was welcome to visit. The story goes that a young woman's father set the candle to a certain height of his choosing in the candleholder. When the candle burned to the top of the holder, it was time for the suitor to leave. In other words, if a particular suitor was not to the father's liking, the candle could be placed low in the holder, burning quickly to the top. An acceptable suitor might find the candle placed higher in the holder. The term “courting candle” has been determined to probably be more folklore than fact. Will fit Candles up to 7/8" wide. (will NOT work with Reiki Candles) Holder is 5..5"  x 4.5" wide, 6.5” tall. Also pictured as a wand holder, wands sold seperately, two pictured options available here...



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