Healerite Disc~CRHEALDC

$ 7.00

Healerite Disc~CRHEALDC. Healerite, also known as Noble Serpentine, is said to contain 16 different minerals including a high content of olivine and talc with lesser amounts of manganese and magnesium. Its high talc content gives it a soft and waxy feel and its lime green coloring makes it a most appreciated and sought after mineral by those who are familiar with it. Healerite is a stone of profound healing energy, working on multiple levels to realign chakras and meridians in the energetic and physical bodies bringing a beneficial infusion to your energy. It dispels negativity and attunes you to Divine health. It brings joy, generosity, expansiveness, heart centered awareness and intimacy. It helps you move through past life karma while learning the lessons necessary. It is a powerful revitalizer, nurturing our body and soul with an overall feeling of wellness, and so is a good stone for healing practitioners to place in their rooms, providing a wholesome influence for the well-being of healer and client. Size varies, Avg. size 46mm x 19mm

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