Hackmanite Generator~CRHACKG3

$ 21.00

Hackmanite (Flourescent Sodalite) Generator~CRHACKG3. Hackmanite is a fluorescent and tenebrescent variety of sodalite. It is said to connect the deepest love of the heart with sane with the highest reasoning of the mind. It is considered a stone of "tough love". It connects the heart with sane, sound, logical reasoning and decision making. It helps to eliminate confusion, and to make one adaptable to each situation. It is an excellent stone for use in groups; it provides for fellowship, solidarity, and a commonality of goal and purpose, within the group. It also facilitates the manifestation of the qualities of companionship and mutual dependence, encouraging self-esteem, self trust and trust in others. It can be used to enhance truthfulness in emotions, allowing one to both recognize and verbalize the true feelings. It can also provide one with access to the sacred laws of the universe. 71mm x 27mm x 23mm

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