Gyrolite on Prehnite CRGYR01

$ 18.00

Gyrolite on Prehnite- Poonah Dist. India CRGYR01 85mm x 70mm x 55mm Gyrolite is considered a "stone of the Buddha", opening channels to the dharma of the Buddha, and to the wisdom of all ancient cultures. It has been used to clear and energize other minerals. It has been used, like Septarian Nodules, to enhance the energy of Drum healing techniques. Prehnite is the mineral whose vibration most closely matches the resonance of Reiki energy. It is  said to amplify the energy of healing sessions, to protect practitioners and clients during the transfer, and to seal the energy in for a longer duration. It is said to link the solar plexus and heart chakras, increasing one's trust in the Divine, ones ability to manifest, and one's positive thinking 

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