Gyrolite~N.J. CRSPEC17

$ 25.00

Gyrolite~Paterson, N.J. CRSPEC17. Gyrolite has been used to stimulate the healing properties of other minerals, to cleanse and to activate other minerals, and to disperse universal energies to the meridians of the body. It is excellent for use in connecting the auric bodies to the physical body. The emotional level has shown marked improvement with respect to stability; the utilization during times of crisis has provided a “shoulder” upon which one may relax. Used in meditation, it has stimulated the “all knowing” wisdom of the ancient civilizations. It has been used by the Masters of India to instill discernment and insight, to energize the will, and to promote stability. It is said to be one of the stones accessed by the Buddha, bringing information and profound scholarly knowledge. Used at an area two inches below the navel, the home of the Inner Self, it has acted to provide insight with respect to ancient dancing techniques (providing a visual of the action).  Used during drumming-meditation, it has also acted to provide information concerning the locations which have used this SAME drumming during the existence of the lost cultures of the world. In addition, the healing techniques of the lost continent of Og have been transmitted via utilization of the third eye. 78mm x 47mm x 30mm

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