Grounded Spirituality~Jeff Brown

$ 21.95

Grounded Spirituality~Jeff Brown. In this courageous, groundbreaking book, author Jeff Brown takes us on the spiritual ride of a lifetime. The book opens with the author's compelling journey through a variety of spiritual approaches. Through decades of dedicated exploration and discernment, Brown exposes the transcendent notions of spirituality that limit our human experience. In his fiercely authentic, no-holds-barred style, Brown reveals that what we view as 'spiritual' is often devoid of the gift that makes us most alive--our precious and unique selfhood. He demonstrates that true spirituality is a whole-being awakening, one that heartfully embraces our entire human experience: our feelings, our stories, our bodies, our relationships with others, and the earth that houses us.  Brown then engages in a riveting dialogue with a fictitious spiritual seeker named Michael. Their conversations unfurl in warmth and humor, threaded with cutting truth and inspiring realization. Hands-on exercises throughout provide a direct experience of a vital new model. In Grounded Spirituality, the author lays down the tracks for an embodied way of being--one that leaves us 'enrealed,' integrated, and purposeful. Not awakened--but awakening. Not transcending our humanness--but finding meaning and spirituality within it, right in the heart of our imperfect daily lives. At long last, we can lay down our weary heads, burdened by the impossibility of transcending our human experience. Back to our roots, back into our bodies, back into all that makes us magnificently human. Home at last...

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