Grossular Garnet~CRGROSG2

$ 15.00

Grossular Garnet-Vera Cruz, Mexico~CRGROSG2. Grossular Garnet are excellent natural grounders of abundant manifestation. not just of prosperity, but of wealth in all its positive aspects- financial, creative, emotional, artistic, and even physical health, the foundation of true wealth, can cleanse the heart chakra, enhance vitality, increase zest for living, and help one to align with and bring about the heart's desires, so powerful they can "infect" one's coworkers, or one's entire company, with its optimistic, prosperous vibrations, healing of all limitations on the physical level, helps overcome scarcity programming and a lack of self-worth by reinforcing the loving emanations of the Earth, it is reminding you that you are an unlimited child of the creative source “Whatever you ask, you shall receive”. 35mm x 34mm x 24mm

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