Green Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Quartz & Smoky Quartz Standing Freeform~CRGTLQSQ

$ 36.00

Green Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Quartz & Smoky Quartz Standing Freeform~CRPTLQSQ. Green tourmaline opens the heart chakra and promotes compassion, tenderness, patience, and a sense of belonging. Its masculine energy makes it useful for healing "father issues". It rejuvenates and balances, inspires creativity, and assists one in seeing all possible solutions to situation and to select the most constructive. It helps quiet the mind and aids restful sleep. It acts to attract success, prosperity, and abundance. This mineral diminishes fear and encourages self­-confidence. Shamans have used it to promote the awakening from the dream of illusion and to promote the experience of the self as a part of the universal spirit. It can help one to become less inhibited and more expressive. It is useful in countering fear of change. Lepidolite assists one through time of transition, also helps those “passing over", enhances feelings of peace, serenity, & love. provides eloquence & compassionate listening. reminds one to "stop and smell the roses" & to "be here now", clears out old messages. Quartz an energy amplifier, said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul, a stone of harmony, can facilitate communication with spiritual and other world masters, teachers, and healers, can be programmed as a 'constant' prayer or intent generator. Smokey quartz- an excellent grounding stone, enhances practicality & organization, lends focus and patience, transmutes negative energies in one’s environment, a good stone for “keeping things clear” by purging the atmosphere of unspoken resentments or suppressed conflicts, can help one feel more capable of creating or changing one’s reality, promotes personal pride and joy in living. 74mm x 60mm x 48mm

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