Green Kyanite Stud Earrings~JGKEARR1

$ 30.00

Sterling Silver Green Kyanite Stud Earrings~JGKEARR1. Green Kyanite can create a bridge between oneself and the dynamic balance of nature. In natural systems, such as ecosystems or living bodies, there is a tendency towards finding a stable equilibrium. Nature compensates and re-adjusts to changing conditions as its stream of life flows through time. Green Kyanite helps one to feel the ever-moving perfect flowing balance of the Tao, the life force of the Universe. It can be used to open the portals to inner domains and those of the Nature Spirits and devas. It can also take one to the planes of the archetypes. It can help one connect with the truth of the heart and in looking within for answers, and can aid one in discerning whether or not someone is telling the truth. Stone size 5mm

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